Monday, February 4, 2013

One bad car crash

As i was sitting with some of the ypsi firefighters today getting to know them we heard a call come in a town over for a rollover. as we sat there listening to the radio we heard the OIC call in one rollover with a pin one car fire and he needed 3 ALS units to the scene, a few minutes latter i got the phone call asking if i could go. after parking in a snow filled ditch and "running"  a half mile up road i spent a little over an hour waiting for firefighters to extract the pinned victim. It was the longest extrication i have ever seen where the victim was still alive.  

check out the article


  1. Oh my, that looks like a really bad car accident. The photo of the car that got toppled over is scary. I read the article and I learned three cars were actually involved and one was at fault. I’ve been hearing similar cases happening lately and I hope authorities are able to resolve this road issue. I know accidents happen, but we should learn from each of them so they don’t happen again.

    Raleigh Crowl

  2. These types of accidents are really alarming. My heart goes out to those people involved, especially to the children who could be traumatized. This serves as reminder for us to always be careful when driving especially under such weather conditions.

    Guadalupe Puthoff

  3. I really don’t want to see kids getting involved in an accident like this. It's heartbreaking if something more serious happened to them. I just hope that everyone was fine and the whole thing was settled properly.

    Cristy Witherspoon